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Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

This bag was designed exclusively for you! It's crafted from vegan leather and helps provide solar lights to schoolchildren across the globe.

$118.00 Value


Ice Globe Facial Massagers

These babies will encourage better circulation and shrunken pores, while also healing and renewing your skin from normal wear and tear.

$64.00 Value

Starfish Project

14K Gold-Plated Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet was designed and handmade by the women at Starfish Project. 100% of the company's sales help liberate trafficked and exploited women.

$64.99 Value

Alt Linen

Kitchen Towel Set

Do your part to save trees by replacing your paper towels with these reusable linens. When the time comes you can swap out your worn towels on their website and they'll send you a fresh set for free.

$30.00 Value

Fill It Forward

Reusable Water Bottle

Every time you refill the water bottle, track it on the Fill It Forward app and see how your refill simultaneously funds clean water projects across the globe.

$24.99 Value

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$300 Value for only $54.99.



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Curated by Ellen

Ellen hand picks products she loves that are cruelty free, sustainably sourced, and ethically made.

For a better world

We believe in leaving the world better than how we found it. Every season, we’ll introduce you to brands who do good and give back to their community.

Delivered to you

Every season, you will receive a new box featuring brands who are changing the world. When you use these products, you’ll be reminded of the impact you’ve made.

So Far You’ve Helped Us...

  • Donate $100,000 to the ASPCA
  • Give 75,000 masks to care workers
  • Help Plant 1,000,000 trees in our national forests
  • Provide jobs to women in need in South America, Asia, and the United States
  • Donate to children globally through UNICEF
  • Help fund clean water projects across the globe
  • Provide Solar Lights to children in need in East Africa
  • Help reduce single use plastic and paper waste

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